Tea growing and tea making in Scotland

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  • High quality artisan tea
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  • Small batch tea making
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  • Group visits for up to 6 people
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  • Crieff 1.5 miles
  • Gleneagles 15 minutes
  • Perth 30 minutes
  • Stirling 30 minutes
  • Great tea!
animals in tea plantationTea seed camellia sinensis

Scottish Tea grown from seed in Scotland

Discover why 'Tea Gardens of Scotland' are winning International intrigue. Learn the story of how this small tea garden originated, and see how artisan tea is produced. We are studying and learning about Organic production methods and you can sample our experimental teas, alongside interesting tea selections from artisan tea farmers from the most revered tea regions in the world.

We are trying to create our own unique Scottish tea, using our own leaf to find the best flavours - trials are on a micro scale while the bushes mature, and we hope in four years to have developed a deliciously distinctive loose leaf tea with the characteristic taste and flavour imparted by the environment in which we produce it. The rich alluvial soil is exciting and challenging to work with, our amazing highland water and micro climate adding to the mix - we are enjoying experimenting with our first leaves.

We aim to give a memorable guest experience, whether it is a 2 hour talk and tasting or a weekend immersion. You will sample an array of different teas, local foods and learn from Beverly Wainwright a fascinating tea maker with years of experience of growing tea plants and making many award winning teas. With her help we are developing an understanding of the many processes to creating the perfect cup of tea - it is as much a science as it is a form of art.

The tea garden is in Perthshire, Strathearn, just a mile and a half south of Crieff, (seven miles from Auchterarder) a stones throw from the River Earn with glorious views towards the Grampian foothills.

The project began in 2016 - with cold hardy seeds Camellia sinensis, Kolkhida variety from Georgia (ex Soviet Russia). There has been much ground preparation and the seedlings were grown in an industrial greenhouse. The tea plants are now in the ground and the garden is evolving - a huge amount of learning and experimenting is going on.

Small Scale Tea garden (plantation) - get the story behind it!

All our tea is planted in the ground and we employ Organic growing and production methods.

Our tea is hand harvested and processed in a tiny tea factory that is within minutes of our plantation. In a healthy and safe environment with the highest standards for the highest quality. For maximum freshness we will package the tea right after it is processed. You are welcome to visit the tea factory, we are totally transparent, the tea we make has a totally traceable history of how much was picked in each batch, when it was harvested and how our high quality natural product was processed.

We are experimenting with a Single Estate tea from our cuttings and learning - harvesting will properly begin in 2020 / 2021 as the tea bushes begin to mature. Contact us if you would like to be made aware of pre-sale availability so that you can taste the unique characteristics of our tea.

plucked loose leaf tea Greenhousetap root plucked loose leaf tea tree house tea house plucked loose leaf tea

If you love tea and beautiful countryside - visit us

A tea experience for tea lovers from around the world.

Treehouse and viewing platform.

Tea covers a vast spectrum of flavours, from delicate white, grassy green tea, fruity Oolongs, rich malty black teas, and woody puerh teas. Creating the perfect cup of tea is as much a science as an art form.

We love experimenting with tea and food, pairing teas with local savoury and sweet foods to enhance and compliment the flavours. For tea pairing use glass tea-ware so you can appreciate the quality of the whole leaf loose tea and enjoy the vivid colours of the teas as they infuse. Taste the different and unique flavours from our really good authentic Scottish farmed tea.

For tea tastings we use traditional professional tea tasting porcelain cups with matching lids and tasting bowl - these are used by professionals around the world for evaluating the characteristics of tea, including aroma, flavour and infusion colour. The lidded cup captures the aromas of tea and the bowl highlights the true infusion colours of tea. Multiple sets are used side by side to compare teas, offering consistency to fairly evaluate the tea samples.