Perthshire quality water + good tea - what's not to taste!

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Scottish Tea Factory Comrie

We are lucky to be located a few miles from The Scottish Tea Factory where you can book courses and tea tasting experiences and this is where our fresh tea leaves are processed.

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If tea is fresh and you have good tasting water - it is hard to go wrong. Good tea has a unique aroma, a body, and an after taste. Tea bags are convenient and fast, made with fine particles - but in a bag you never get the complex flavours and body. The nuances of loose whole leaf tea are what you need to achieve the legal euphoria that whole leaf tea can give, leaving you hydrated and focused.

Tea covers a vast spectrum of flavours, from delicate white, grassy green tea, fruity oolongs, rich malty black teas, and woody puerh teas. Creating the perfect cup of tea is as much a science as an art form.

At home we love experimenting with tea and food, pairing teas with local savoury and sweet foods to enhance and compliment the flavours. For tea pairing use glass teaware so you can appreciate the quality of the whole leaf loose tea and enjoy the vivid colours of the teas as they infuse.

The Crieff Food Company source delicious foods locally. We are working our way through the cheese counter, the meat counter and of course the chocolate all of which are great paired with our Black tea. The mild Torrylinn cheddar is eespecially good with our white and black tea!

Crieff fish Shop Have local Scottish fish which pairs beautifully with our Green tea!