Broich Single Estate Black Tea

plucked camellia sinensis Black loose leaf tea Black tea served in glass tea pot

Buy Tea Taster Sample in aid of (SCAA)

We are currently producing small batches of tea as part of our tea development process. We are developing Broich White Tea, Broich Black tea and Broich Green Tea. It takes 6 years for tea plants to fully mature in Scotland and many experiments to find the best processing methods.

We are offering taster samples of

2019 Broich Black Loose Leaf Tea

for sale in aid of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

£15 per 10 gram tin + £2 p+p UK Deliveries only

'A beautiful and rare black loose-leaf tea which captures the flavour profiles of the Scottish hills, soil and climate.'

10g tea Broich single estate Black loose leaf tea - wet leaf 10g loose leaf

The Teasmith Broich Single Estate Gin

Broich Single Estate Gin

Some of our first batch of Broich black tea was used as a botanical to create a 'Special Growers Edition' - The Teasmith Broich Single Estate Gin. Broich black tea gives the gin light aromas of honey and apple.

We love Teasmith Gin - it's distinctly different and delicious - award winning for a reason! It was amazing that Broich Black tea was part of Emma and Nick Smalleys journey.

'The world’s first gin to be distilled with Scottish tea' This was a limited editon with numbered bottles that are running out fast!

The Teasmith Broich Single Estate gin

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